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MedTech Marketing That Works – Part 2

Last week I wrote about three strategies that savvy, productive medtech marketers incorporate in their marketing mix.

This post will explore three more noteworthy techniques to help you reach your customers, engage with them, and win their business.

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Getting Serious About Serial Content

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If you’re a medical technology marketer who is serious about ensuring your medical technology company is perceived as a leading industry expert, then it’s time to get serious about serial content.

Serial content, when done correctly, can leave your prospects wanting you to “tell them more”–more about your company, products, solutions, services, etc.

Ideally, your content should address a problem faced by your prospects and customers and provide solutions to how to solve them. By delivering these problem-to-solution themes serially you:

  • Simplify the challenge of developing content with limited resources.
  • Help your Medtech company be seen as a reliable resource for specific expertise.
  • Strengthen your company’s credibility.
  • Increase search engine optimization (SEO) for keywords and phrases.
  • Establish thought leadership and develop your company’s recognition.
  • Pass along value that expands your reach and depth.1

Here’s a (slightly modified) model of author Ardath Albee’s (eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale) problem–to–solution content series: Read the rest of this entry »

2012 Marketing Trends that Medtech Marketers Need to Know

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In January 2012, Target Marketing conducted a survey to their print magazine subscribers asking them about their marketing plans for 2012. After list services firms and creative services/advertising agencies were suppressed from the list, this was the breakdown of the 365 respondents:

  • 42 percent B-to-B
  • 23 percent B-to-C
  • 35 percent Both B-to-B and B-to-C

57 percent of all these respondents were in marketing and/or sales management.

While the industries of the respondents might not have been medical technology-specific, I think the findings are relevant to any industry that wants to stay competitive and add value to their prospects.

Here are a few of the survey results I found interesting: Read the rest of this entry »

Insights from Recent Medtech Trade Shows

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Just returned from attending MD&M West in Anaheim and AAOS in San Francisco. Whirlwind trips, but very insightful, especially from a marketing perspective.

Here are a few things I noticed: Read the rest of this entry »

5 Praiseworthy Medtech Blogs

I’ve written extensively about the importance of having a corporate blog on your Medtech website, keeping it updated and posting relevant, value-driven content.

But it’s one thing to write about it and another to show you real examples of what I’m talking about. To achieve this, I reviewed over 150 (no exaggeration) medical technology websites and looked for three things:

  1. If they even had a blog.
  2. If the posts were relatively current (Dec. 2011 or earlier)
  3. If the content was useful (versus self-promoting).

Based on that, I came up with a list of 5 corporate Medtech blogs that I think are worth your time to take a look at–and even emulate for your own Medtech marketing efforts.

*This list is ordered alphabetically — not in order of quality, value, or personal favorite. Read the rest of this entry »