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AdvaMed2011: Ground Floor Perspectives of MedTech

I just got back from the AdvaMed 2011 convention in Washington, DC and am even more impressed with the MedTech industry than before (if that’s possible)!

There were exhibitors from  an array of leading medical device companies and really insightful panel sessions. Fortunately, MD&DI had some wonderful people on the ground blogging about what was happening and what MedTech leaders had to say about the state and future of the industry.

You can check them all out on, but here are the direct links to some of the blog posts: Read the rest of this entry »

Medical Technology Marketing: The race to protect thought-leadership

Flickr photo by Aaron Montoya

In a November/December 2010 issue of Medical Product Outsourcing magazine, Group Editor Chris Delporte addressed the concern that the U.S. medical device industry may have lost their edge.

He offers good news and not-so-good news from a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP report titled “Medical Technology Innovation Scorecard: The race for global leadership.”

The report affirms that, thanks to decades of innovation dominance, the U.S. will continue to lead the world in medical technology for the foreseeable future.

But … emerging markets are not to be discounted. Read the rest of this entry »

Medical Device Content Marketing Strategies for 2011


Flickr photo by rajatt2010

First off … Happy New Year!

Second … Let’s talk about what’s ahead for marketing medical devices in 2011: Read the rest of this entry »

The Brave New World of Medical Technologies–and Marketing Them!


Flickr Photo by by Duke University Physics Dept.

About 30 years ago, medicine began to evolve from a mom-and-pop, cottage industry into the highly competitive, rapidly advancing, multinational business it is today.*

Back then, patients just came to the hospital, and the hospital administration basically followed direction from the doctors–who also sat on the hospital’s board.

Today, it’s a little different… Read the rest of this entry »

RFID: Tagging Medical Innovations



“Patients leaving hospital with surgical instruments inside them.” (DailyMail, April 2007).

“Sponge left inside Palm Beach County judge during surgery spurs him to seek reforms.” (Palm Beach Post, September 2010).

“Surgical Tools Left in 1,500 Patients Per Year.” (New England Journal of Medicine, January 2003).

Troubling headlines like these could be a thing of the past by using the same technology many already have in their cars.

Commuters, for example, often have sensor devices in their car that enable them to just drive right on through a toll booth instead of having to stop to pay the toll. This toll-paying technology uses something called Radio-frequency Identification (RFID for short).

Over the past few years, however, RFID technologies have gone way beyond helping commuter’s get to work on time… Read the rest of this entry »