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The Essential Things You Need to Know to Justify Your MedTech Marketing – Part 1



I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Still can’t quite comprehend that it’s that time of year again…

Not only is it the season of festive lights, holiday parties,and giving, for most businesses, it’s also the season of planning for the coming year.

I get a lot of clients asking me about what I think they should do, from a content standpoint, to improve or enhance their marketing. Should we be blogging, they ask? What about white papers? Are case studies good to have? What should we say on our website? How about an email campaign …

My answer is, it depends.

It depends on what your marketing plan, marketing strategy, content marketing plan and content marketing strategy is. While these are all intertwined, they are not the same thing.

In a 2-part blog, I’ll address what each one is and does, and how you can/should use each one to maximize your marketing efforts.

*A word of caution, your head might spin a bit after reading this information (as mine did in the process of trying to write it!). But don’t fret. As you start tackling each one, your mind will open to all the great opportunities you have to communicate your value  in an impactful way.

So grab some eggnog and let’s get to it!

First up, the Marketing Plan Read the rest of this entry »

Dare to Be Different



“You can’t start the change unless dare to be different.”
~ Toba Beta


Even when I’m provided with a detailed creative brief and explicit instructions from a client, I still conduct my own research so that I can develop content that will set my client and their company/product/services apart.

I’ll be honest – in the world of medical technology and services, this is not an easy process. Usually after 30 to 60 minutes of focused research, I’m cross-eyed, have a slight headache, and am ready for a nap! Why, you ask? Because I’m having to wade through incomprehensible jargon, company-focused content, and what I refer to as “me too” messaging.

“Me too” messaging is content that says the same thing as what everyone else is saying Read the rest of this entry »

The Conjuring of Effective Content


Can you believe it? Fall is here once again!

I’m still trying to figure out where the Summer went …

So now that Fall is in full swing, are you on the right track to achieving your content marketing goals before 2014 wraps up in 3 months time? Or has your progress stalled with all the inevitable interruptions of life and business?

If it’s the latter, just know that you are not alone. Creating effective, compelling, relevant, customer-centric content requires a LOT of time, effort, and work. It’s also not something that can be done alone.

Even if you are an excellent writer and strategic marketer, the sheer amount of content that needs to be produced in order to establish your company’s thought leadership and expertise, generate leads, nurture those leads, and offer value to your target audience requires a team effort.

So how do you find that content creation team? Read the rest of this entry »

Attracting Perfect Prospects

I’ll admit that Valentine’s Day is not a “holiday” I usually give much thought to. But for a variety of reasons, this year was a bit different.

One reason is that in order to write today’s post for the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) blog, I had to give serious thought to what it means to woo someone.

Writing content for marketing purposes is actually very similar to the courting process… Read the rest of this entry »

Medical Device Content Marketing Strategies for 2011


Flickr photo by rajatt2010

First off … Happy New Year!

Second … Let’s talk about what’s ahead for marketing medical devices in 2011: Read the rest of this entry »