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Attracting Perfect Prospects

I’ll admit that Valentine’s Day is not a “holiday” I usually give much thought to. But for a variety of reasons, this year was a bit different.

One reason is that in order to write today’s post for the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) blog, I had to give serious thought to what it means to woo someone.

Writing content for marketing purposes is actually very similar to the courting process… Read the rest of this entry »

Medical Device Content Marketing Strategies for 2011


Flickr photo by rajatt2010

First off … Happy New Year!

Second … Let’s talk about what’s ahead for marketing medical devices in 2011: Read the rest of this entry »

Including Case Studies in Your 2011 Medical Device Marketing Strategy? You Should…


Many medical device marketers focus heavily on getting testimonials as a way to increase their credibility with their target market.

However, something far better than testimonials for influencing your prospects is the well-known, but little understood, Case Study.

Most medical device marketers understand the Case Study as a fact-filled, data-heavy, research-focused, challenge-solution-result document.

An effective Case Study can certainly include some of those elements.

But the most powerful Case Study is really about Read the rest of this entry »

Bring Your Medical Device Buyers Back to Life


Flickr photo by Steve Kay

If I were to ask you, “Who is the buyer of your medical devices?” would you:

a)      most likely answer me by giving me a clump of data– industry, decision-maker title, company size (whether by revenue or by number of employees)–as their predominant characteristics?

Or, would you… Read the rest of this entry »

The Brave New World of Medical Technologies–and Marketing Them!


Flickr Photo by by Duke University Physics Dept.

About 30 years ago, medicine began to evolve from a mom-and-pop, cottage industry into the highly competitive, rapidly advancing, multinational business it is today.*

Back then, patients just came to the hospital, and the hospital administration basically followed direction from the doctors–who also sat on the hospital’s board.

Today, it’s a little different… Read the rest of this entry »