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Dare to Be Different



“You can’t start the change unless dare to be different.”
~ Toba Beta


Even when I’m provided with a detailed creative brief and explicit instructions from a client, I still conduct my own research so that I can develop content that will set my client and their company/product/services apart.

I’ll be honest – in the world of medical technology and services, this is not an easy process. Usually after 30 to 60 minutes of focused research, I’m cross-eyed, have a slight headache, and am ready for a nap! Why, you ask? Because I’m having to wade through incomprehensible jargon, company-focused content, and what I refer to as “me too” messaging.

“Me too” messaging is content that says the same thing as what everyone else is saying (e.g. “We’re innovative.” “Well reduce time to market.” “We’re cost competitive.” “We’ve got the best quality systems in place!” etc. etc.).

The problem with “me too” messaging is that it doesn’t differentiate your company/products/services from your competitors.

It also reduces potential leads.

So how do you fix this problem? With lots of unique, fresh and engaging content. (You knew I was going to say that, right?)

Here are some tips to help you be different – if you dare to be! :)

Understand not just how, but why your customer makes a purchasing decision

People buy a product or service to solve a problem. But, they decide WHOM to buy from based on intangibles — intangibles that often never make it into medical technology companies’messaging.

For instance, I recently visiting a client’s manufacturing facility and got to see first-hand how their design engineers collaborate with their prototype machinist to ensure that the device they were working on for a large OEM customer was designed for manufacturing. This dynamic teamwork also spread into the production and assembly process. When a small machining glitch occurred, the communication was so fluid and the process controls were so tight that it had no impact on productivity.

Needless to say, I was sufficiently impressed. And if other potential OEM’s got the opportunity to know about their process, I’m sure they would be impressed too.

Steps to Differentiating your company

To create daringly different content, you’ve got to take the time to sit down with your team* and do the following.

(* If you’re in marketing, it’s important that this team include representatives from other departments that directly impact product and service quality. For example: engineering, customer service, sales, regulatory affairs and quality assurance, manufacturing, etc.)

  • Examine the Competition – Look at your competitors’ sites and marketing resources. What are they saying? How are they saying it? Do they offer the same (or similar) products and services as you? Are they approachable (i.e. do they invite people to call or email them or do they hide behind forms)? What “buzz words” do they use? What makes them different from (or the same as) your company?
  • Investigate your Industry — What are some of the issues and trends pertaining to your industry? What problems are your customers facing? How are you or others solving them? To find answers to these questions, look at industrial publications, blog posts, LinkedIn groups, white papers, case studies, etc.
  • Self-assess and Brainstorm Adjustments — Finally, let your team answer some of these questions. What makes your company unique? What are your strengths — and weaknesses? What are some of your success stories? What’s your company culture like? Does this come through in your messaging — or is your site bland and dull so that your company “fits” in with what everyone else is doing?

What all of this boils down to is going outside your comfort zone and developing content that is unique to your company and helps differentiate your product and service offerings.

When you develop content that speaks to your prospects needs, concerns, and circumstances, they’ll be more likely to say, “Yes! These are people I want to do business with.”


9 Ways to Help Prevent Your MedTech Marketing Content from Failing


If your company creates and uses content (e.g. words, images, videos, etc.) to sell its products and services, I have news for you…

You are a publisher.

And, as a publisher, you are competing with thousands of other publishers (i.e. other businesses) for your prospects, suspects, and customer’s attention.

So to gain and keep their attention, your content better be pretty darn good. But what does that mean, exactly?

Well, it means that your content — your articles, blog posts, newsletter articles, case studies, white papers, tweets, brochures, websites, etc. etc. etc. — needs to do the following:

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9 Reasons Why MedTech Companies Need to Do Content Marketing


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Many medical technology companies have a lot of thought leadership to offer, but falter when it comes to actually conveying that expertise. And if they do have quality content, it tends to get stale because it isn’t being replenished quickly enough to keep prospects engaged.

In contrast to the old ‘interruption-based’ marketing model, content marketing is about real customer engagement that naturally moves the conversation into profitable dialogue.

To accomplish this, MedTech companies must think carefully about their customers, identify their pressing issues, and then effectively communicate that their company has the expertise to meet those needs.

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Want More Leads & Customers? Show Your MedTech Prospects Some L.O.V.E.

It’s that time of year again. And I’m not just talking about the greeting card industry-created day that is Valentine’s Day.

I’m talking about that time of year where the icing meets the cupcake for all the goals and objectives you created in 2012 for your 2013 MedTech marketing.

THIS is the crazy-busy time of medical device trade shows: Medical Devices Summit, MD&M West, AAOS, MDMA, BIOMEDevice, MedCon, to name just a few.

For most medical technology marketers, this means having a booth at these events and networking with potential customers and strategic partners. And while that can be an effective marketing strategy, in this day and age, it’s simply not enough.

To set yourself apart from all the other vendors and medical device companies in attendance, you’ve got to do more than just tell them  sweet nothings about how great your company, products, and services are. You’ve got to go beyond flirting to demonstrating that you are serious about being a committed partner that will do for them what other suitors cannot.

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