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9 Ways to Help Prevent Your MedTech Marketing Content from Failing


If your company creates and uses content (e.g. words, images, videos, etc.) to sell its products and services, I have news for you…

You are a publisher.

And, as a publisher, you are competing with thousands of other publishers (i.e. other businesses) for your prospects, suspects, and customer’s attention.

So to gain and keep their attention, your content better be pretty darn good. But what does that mean, exactly?

Well, it means that your content — your articles, blog posts, newsletter articles, case studies, white papers, tweets, brochures, websites, etc. etc. etc. — needs to do the following:


  1. Be about what your customers care about. Sounds simple enough, but SO MANY companies fail at this time and again. The hard reality is that Your. Customers. Don’t. Care. About. You. They care about themselves. So make sure your content is compelling, fulfilling, convenient, and efficient for them to read/watch/listen to/etc.
  2. Be focused on a WORTHWHILE goal. A pervasive issue related to content marketing is that companies have unrealistic expectations for their content. They want: return on investment, thought leadership, lead generation, customer retention, and a dozen other things. It’s just too much. Focus on one goal to start. A goal to nurture existing customers, for example, will have different content/message points than content that revolves around the goal of generating new leads. Figure out the goal, and then measure it.
  3. Have a call to action. After reading/listening to your content, what’s the next step for your prospects and customers? For example, if you have a blog, perhaps you encourage the reader to sign up for your newsletter, or download your free white paper/case study, or call a service associate for questions. Your call-to-action shouldn’t be a heavy-handed, hard sell. It’s really about saying, “If you like this info, then here’s some more interesting stuff for you.”
  4. Be as niched as possible – If your content is too broad, you’ll lose your audience. With the overwhelming amount of content that surrounds each of us every single moment of the day, people are increasingly seeking personalized content that relates to their concerns, interests, and needs. Figure out your business’ niche and keep your content focused on that niche so it’s more relevant to your prospects and customers.* A slight caveat to this: Keep in mind that, the larger the business, the more content strategies you’ll need in order to communicate effectively with your multiple customer bases.
  5. Address what keeps your customers up at night. To echo point number one, your content should be focused on your customers. If you want to be seen as a trusted advisor and solutions provider in your niche, then you need to give your prospects and customers relevant, compelling information on a consistent basis. Listen to your customers pain points and address them. 
  6. Follow a content strategy. Content marketing that positions you competitively in your niche is not random. It needs to be thoughtful and strategic. Ideally, you should have a person on your team whose primary job is dedicated to creating the overall content marketing strategies for your company. This person will also be responsible for working with internal subject matter experts and contracting with writers to execute that content. Whether this means that you hire or develop a chief content officer, the point is that someone needs to own that content, oversee how it is being developed, and ensure that it is effectively reaching your target audience.
  7. Follow a content calendar. Creating content for your customers is a promise. If you only put out compelling, relevant content in a “campaign” type of fashion, you’re essentially communicating that you don’t really care about your prospects and customers. Consider this content plan that I found on the Content Marketing Institute’s website:exampleofcontentcalendar
  8. Be distributed via multiple channels. Stop thinking email newsletter or Facebook. Think about the problem you are solving for your customer. Then, figure out how to repackage that story in different ways everywhere your customers are at. Build relationships with your customers via your content.
  9. Be engaging. Don’t know how to craft interesting, engaging content? Hire a freelance copywriter who understands what effective content marketing is all about, has extensive experience interviewing subject matter experts, understands your niche, and has a process for getting to the heart of what matters to your prospects and customers.

Did I miss any?

For more information about how to do content marketing “right,” definitely familiarize yourself with the Content Marketing Institute. I have no affiliation with them other than as a loyal reader of their blog, listener of their podcast, and student of their content wisdom.



9 Reasons Why MedTech Companies Need to Do Content Marketing


Flickr photo by Montgolfier

Many medical technology companies have a lot of thought leadership to offer, but falter when it comes to actually conveying that expertise. And if they do have quality content, it tends to get stale because it isn’t being replenished quickly enough to keep prospects engaged.

In contrast to the old ‘interruption-based’ marketing model, content marketing is about real customer engagement that naturally moves the conversation into profitable dialogue.

To accomplish this, MedTech companies must think carefully about their customers, identify their pressing issues, and then effectively communicate that their company has the expertise to meet those needs.

With that said, here are 9 reason why medical device technology companies should focus on content marketing: Read the rest of this entry »

Want More Leads & Customers? Show Your MedTech Prospects Some L.O.V.E.

It’s that time of year again. And I’m not just talking about the greeting card industry-created day that is Valentine’s Day.

I’m talking about that time of year where the icing meets the cupcake for all the goals and objectives you created in 2012 for your 2013 MedTech marketing.

THIS is the crazy-busy time of medical device trade shows: Medical Devices Summit, MD&M West, AAOS, MDMA, BIOMEDevice, MedCon, to name just a few.

For most medical technology marketers, this means having a booth at these events and networking with potential customers and strategic partners. And while that can be an effective marketing strategy, in this day and age, it’s simply not enough.

To set yourself apart from all the other vendors and medical device companies in attendance, you’ve got to do more than just tell them  sweet nothings about how great your company, products, and services are. You’ve got to go beyond flirting to demonstrating that you are serious about being a committed partner that will do for them what other suitors cannot.

Here is some L.O.V.E. potion to help you rock their world and establish a happily-ever-after partnership: Read the rest of this entry »

Top 2012 Insights for Enhancing Your MedTech Marketing

Flickr photo by eliselovesprada

Want to strengthen your MedTech company’s marketing efforts in 2013?

Then consider these Advanced Medical Marketing posts: Read the rest of this entry »

9 Content Marketing Wisdoms for MedTech

Tumblr photo by gnambox

This is the time of year marketers start to strategize about what their marketing efforts will entail in the next year. To help you prepare for a successful and productive 2013, consider the following content marketing wisdoms:

  1. Think beyond your products and services. Focus on the interests, problems, needs and concerns of your audience. When content is genuinely focused on helping its audience, customers are inspired, loyalty is strengthened, and purchases of your products and services increases.
  2. Offer content that answers your customers’ questions and addresses their needs and concerns. Your sales and customer service team are invaluable here. Work with them to compile a list of customers’ frequently asked questions and most common concerns. Then offer a variety of content resources to address them, such as blog posts, newsletter articles, LinkedIn Group discussions, and articles submitted to targeted industry publications.
  3. Become the leading informational provider for your niche. To make an informed buying decision, your customers and prospects are gathering information from a variety of resources. Make sure that most of those sources point back to your company’s expertise, products and services.
  4. Become an expert on your target audience. Who influences and makes the decision about whether or not to purchase your products and services? What do they care about? What’s their ‘day in the life’ look like? What are their concerns? Once you figure this out, create content specifically for them. In MedTech, there’s likely to be more than one influencer/decision maker (e.g. CFO, Engineering Manager, Marketing Director, etc.). Whoever they are, keep your content focused on the person you’re targeting.
  5. Tell your MedTech company’s “personal story.” All humans appreciate a good story. By accounting an incident or event that helped make your company what it is today, you help explain your brand, company, value proposition, products and services in a compelling way.  And if you fear that your story Read the rest of this entry »